Sunday, 1 November 2015

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Friday Funday saw some of the Room 1 children reduce, reuse and recycle to make some fun creations to play with in the classroom.

Making our playhouse beautiful

On Friday a couple of children from Room 1 got the planter box near our class ready for some seeds. We planted a pretty cottage garden mix to brighten up our playhouse area.

Spring Gardening begins!

Room 1 have been busy in the garden. We have dug over our garden and planted some bean teepees. We are hoping they will grow just like the magic beans in 'Jack and the beanstalk' which is our pantomime this year.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Keep NZ beautiful week 2015!

This week is keep NZ beautiful week. Today we went out into our beautiful greenways near school to pick up rubbish. We put on a glove to protect our hand and away we went. We were glad that we didn't find too much rubbish. We need to look after our greenways as they are one of the things that make Cromwell special.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Room 1 to the rescue!

Some kids from Room 1 found a Bumble Bee that wasn't looking very happy! They decided that putting it in our Bee Friendly Garden would make it feel better. Thanks for being some thoughtful Room 1.

Planting Room 1's Garden

Room 1 have been busy planting their garden. We have planted...


We are having a gardening competition with all of the other classes in the school. We have a top secret gardening book with all of our good ideas about how to grow a great garden. NO PEEKING!!! Thank you Dominic for writing down some more ideas at home and bringing them along!

We dug the garden over first.

We made a garden plan so we knew where to put everything.

We made a cover with some wire and netting to keep the birds and the frost away from our seeds.

Our Bee Friendly Garden

Last term Room 1 learnt all about how important it is to help save the bees. We decided to plant a bee friendly garden that we can look after near the playhouse. We planted Rosemary and Thyme and also have some poppy seeds to plant. We entered a colouring in competition that helped us learn about all of the flowers bees like. We posted our entries to the garden centre in Wellington, and they were so impressed with our pictures that they are giving us a voucher to buy some more Bee Friendly plants! Well done Room 1! Some of our big buddies from Rooms 8 and 9 entered too and will be helping us plant the flowers.